Saturday, November 29, 2008

Meghan on the Move!

Meghan has really been practicing for the past week riding her bike. She just decided she was determined all of a sudden. So yesterday she finally has it! She is very proud of herself and we are very proud of her too!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Kaden's head

Yea so it wasn't really that bad... but it was the first blood with a head bump. lol So here is a picture or two. haha

Monday, November 17, 2008

More tummy

Okay so I took a couple more pics because I just feel huge all of a sudden. A couple friends have said I look about the same but maybe the baby changed postitions and I actually think she has. She was kicking lower and now I feel more on my right, around my ribcage area.

Kaden fell today. Well he falls a lot. He either was reaching for his cup on the table and slipped and hit his head on the window sill or he hit it under the table because he likes to go under there even though he is too tall now. Either way he busted it open and it was bleeding. Freaked me out but he seems fine and it's not gashing or anything so we think no stitches. I'll try and get a picture of it tomorrow of course. poor guy.

some new pages

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tot Tote carrier

Isn't this cute! I saw this on another blog and had to share. Jenna from Tweetie Pie Baby makes these carriers with her mom. It allows her to stay home with her kids plus they are super cute. I think I may try to get a girly one before our new little girl gets here. I love the Tot Tote but they have a couple other styles too plus some clothing and other items. Check it out!

Some tummy shots

I had Meghan take a couple pictures today. Her dad is slacking. :) Yes we are getting big!

Not a whole lot going on really other than every day boring stuff that I am sure no one wants to hear about. :) We have started packing up some things. We will more than likely be leaving here before the end of December so thats not really a lot of time for packing. Plus all the holidays between then and now too. I am a planner, usually, and hate to do things at the last minute. So I have started some of that. For the past couple weeks one or the other of the kids hasn't been feeling well so we've been dealing with that too. You just don't get much done if people aren't feeling well. They have only had colds though so nothing serious.

Meghan is still taking swimming... I am not sure how long they will be able to go. Although they do use a heated pool. She is doing really well though and I will try to find some classes for her after we move too and it's warmed up. I think it would be good for Kaden to start soon also. She loves her music class too, which is right after swimming so we are usually rushing over there. They are going to get to have a recital in December so I think she will have fun with that.

Thats about it really. I am glad we school year round since we have missed some from being sick or too busy. Also with the move and everything I am sure we'll miss some more.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween fun!

Here are some pictures of the kids dressed up. We went to the mall for a little while and then came home and walked around our neighborhood. There were lots of kids out around our house.

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