Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birthday Season

I have been calling this period of the year Birthday Season, you know like the holiday season, only for birthdays. My family has birthdays once a month from February until May... then there is this big break of 4 months and I have my birthday. Anyway, so we started with Meghan. Hers is in February and she turned 10. I really can not believe I have a 10 year old but that's another story.

For her birthday breakfast I made chocolate gravy.... Ok so she made her own but she really wanted to! I swear! Really.... she loves to cook and will cook anything I allow her. The only thing is that she forgets to turn on the vent and several times our very sensitive smoke alarms have gone off. That's not fun, they stay on for 15 minutes and its not just one. They are all wired together somehow so once one goes off they all go.... for 15 minutes!

Ok I am over it. Here she is making her chocolate gravy. Kaden helped with the biscuits which are not scratch. oh well.

This is Lily, she is my niece, she was here for Meghan's birthday. She was shocked and told her mom we were having dessert for breakfast. It was awesome!

Kaden needed his picture taken too. I guess he wanted to show off his bed head.

After breakfast she asked me to braid her hair. We are trying to perfect the waterfall braid.

For her birthday dinner she chose Olive Garden. She was trying to pick a place that would sing to her. :) She is the only one I know that wants them to sing. Our waitress teased her saying they didn't do it anymore. She was so disappointed. Then our waitress came back with a few other coworkers and sang so she was surprised. It was fun.

We picked another day for her birthday party. We kept it small and used her birthday as an excuse to make a super cute dessert table. She invited two friends and they had a blast running around and playing at My Vintage Venue. I have a few pictures I took with my phone but we had a professional photographer friend take lots of awesome pictures. As soon as I get the CD in the mail I will post lots. Here are a few to get started though. :)

Meghan, Ellie and Miqa

The dessert table

The turquoise, ruffled cake.

One of the tiered cookies.

She had a great birthday!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Yep, I missed all of February. We had a lot going on too. I probably won't mention it all.

At the beginning of the month we had my brother and his family come and stay with us. Shortly after that Meghan started having this amazing rash, every day, at random times and places on her body. We started trying to figure it out and finally decided it was the switch in laundry detergent we had made. It was a soap we had used before so it was weird. Since then she has had reactions to a scented lotion we had as well. We will have to be careful with her. Ellie has had reactions to lotions too.

Here are all the kiddo's having a movie night.

A few of them with their hand print hearts craft.

Meghan learned to finger knit and it was all she did for a while. :)

Ellie finally let me start putting pig tails in her hair... sometimes.

Everyone was wanting to take pictures and be silly, see that one behind the chair? Pure silliness!

For Valentine's Day we had a skating party. The kids had a blast!

Well that's the highlight! We started birthday season in this household so I will have more on that soon. :)

A Sad Blogger

That is what I am... I just can't keep it up all the time. I will do well for a bit and then I get busy and something has to go.  I am sure you understand... unless you can keep up. Hmm

Anyway, we've been extremely busy. Lots going on and I hope to post some photos and catch up on some things you have missed.

Right now I just want to tell you that I do not like bugs. Ok that wasn't it. My kids are outside playing and they keep finding different kinds of bugs. They then bring them inside, in a sand toy for me to see and tell them what they have found. Then Meghan will ask me to look it up to see what it eats and if it bites. :)

So far they have found a black bug, Aphids, Pill Bugs and a snail. I love the learning but I hope they don't bring me anymore bugs. ;)

Kaden did pick and bring me some purple flowers too. That was sweet.

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