Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Meghan Goes Camping

Or something like that. :) Meghan went with our church for her first camp, Winter Camp. She left last Friday afternoon and I picked her up on Sunday after church. She had a blast! This was a her birthday gift.

She wanted to go to summer camp last year. It's 5 days and quite a bit more money so we weren't able to do it and I didn't feel comfortable with it anyways. This time though it was shorter and I felt like it would be okay.

We had to get her some warm clothes and rent a coat. haha She went up to where it was snowy. They do have cabins to stay in though and a dining hall, so they aren't in a tent really roughing it.

I loved watched the Facebook page for the church, they posted a few pictures. That's the one thing about your child being gone without you, no pictures!

I am so glad she had a great time! We missed her lots but it was totally worth it.

Here she is waiting for the bus to get there and pick them up.

Then here she is with the whole group. Can you find her? ;)


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