Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bitter Sweet

This describes how my day has felt. Today we laid my Gramma to rest.

This also explains my lack of posts. She has been at home on hospice care and everyone tried to spend as much time there as possible. It was sad but it was nice to hear old stories too as everyone remembered good times with Gramma. It was nice to be in her house, knowing it might be some of the last times I ever go there. Seeing the tile, the carpet, the pictures... that have been there since I was a kid. Remembering her sitting in her spot at the table, mixing Sweet N' Low into her tea or whatever it was, laughing and talking. At dinner after the service we had foods that she used to make and I remember having even as a kid; potato salad, chili beans.... things that everyone makes but each family has their own way to make. I noticed my Aunts' laughing sounded like Gramma's, some of my Cousins' have the same laugh.

So today was hard but as my daughter put it, she's in heaven now. I am very happy for that and that she is no longer in pain. Meghan says heaven must be crowded, but I think there is plenty of room.

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