Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tot School 2/1-2/5

Tot School

My plan this week was to finish up or get close to finishing the lapbook we started on Goodnight Moon. However, he wasn't really interested at the time so we didn't get to it. We did read the book some more.

He did want to work with his puzzles. He doesn't like the easy puzzles anymore, the ones that have pegs to hold onto. He likes these, that are early learners jigsaw puzzles. These are from Melissa and Doug. They have such cute stuff! He is getting really good at it too. I talk to him if he gets confused or something and he finds the piece and puts it in. You can tell when he is getting tired though, it gets harder.

He wanted to work use a couple of his activity bags. He picked out the bead lacing which I showed here. He also wanted to play with the lacing one. This one was created by my friend Shannon. Here is a picture of that one.

Here he is working on them.

I bought this finger paint kit on clearance at Hobby Lobby a while back and the kids have been begging to use it. It has a roller with different shaped sponges and little paintbrushes that fit on the fingers. I think that is what makes it "fingerpaint". lol Anyway, they wore their Lowe's aprons and painted a while.

We bought a Junior Monopoly game (game was clearance and there are coupons on as well, good deal!) The kids had a good time. It's for ages 4 and up but Kaden did pretty well.

Of course there is lots of play and fun throughout the week. His imaginative play is so fun to listen to. He and Meghan watched some Magic School Bus episodes and played with Lego's as well.

Here are the kids playing in a living room fort or club as they called it.

Here he is playing with his paper airplane Daddy made him.

If you can't tell he has been in love with that car shirt this week.
This week we also stopped letting him go to bed with a milk cup. It took a few days of him being upset about it but he is doing fine now. He still gets water. :)

He says some pretty funny stuff sometimes. So here are some of this weeks "life according to Kaden" quotes and funnies.

We sitting at the table one day eating lunch and Kaden says "Not happy, Bob". haha He wasn't talking to anyone or looking at anyone.

Meghan and Kaden watched The Mask a couple weeks ago. Kaden picked up a line from the movie and says it once in a while. It might not be the best but it's pretty funny. "Look mom, I kodekill! ha ha ha" (It's actually "Look ma, I'm roadkill, ha ha ha"

Kaden is asking me "What's this?" or Who's this?" a lot. We were looking at pictures one day and he was doing this. So I started doing it to him. When I asked him "who's this?" about himself he would say either "Buddy!" or "Kaden Boy!"

He was jumping up and down next to Meghan one day saying "I wub you Meghan!"
So cute! 

Ellie is still cutting two teeth. Sometimes she is pretty cranky so I assume that is it. We stopped giving her bottles when she goes to bed. We feed her before now and then brush her teeth and put her to bed. She didn't care for it at first. It's easier for her to fall asleep while she is drinking and easier for us too but I didn't want her to get too used to it plus sometimes if she doesn't finish it her bed will get a wet spot. She still wakes up most nights. She wakes up sometimes and I just lay her down, but she does still take a bottle once a night. I am hoping that will be done soon, as it seems she is taking longer before waking for one.

She loves being with the other kids. She follows them around all over. She gets upset if they close their door and she can't get in. Here she is getting into my little cabinet. We have been adding door cabinet locks to some of them but this one needs a different kind. Cute pictures though so it's worth it. :)

Ellie loves to play peek a boo. She actually started doing it all on her own one day in the grocery store. She was hiding from me with her blanket while I pushed her in the cart. So I started playing with her. Here she is playing again with Kaden's blanket.

We had a great week! If you are interested in seeing what others did in Tot School just click here.


Anonymous said...

oo I what a fun week! Do you like the monopoly game? That looks like fun!

Julia said...

ooh! i wanna try those lacing boards. i think hanna would like those!! ellie is getting so big!

Bonnie said...

Lindsay thanks! Yes the Monopoly game is fun. He is almost 3 and can play it with a little direction. The box says 4 and up. The little guy in the car tells them what to do and counts for/with them.

Julia you can make your own. Just use those foam sheets at the craft store. Cut your shapes and punch holes. The thread it the plastic craft type they use for beads and stuff I think.

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