Friday, October 30, 2009

An earned trip...

Meghan has a chart that she fills up as she reads. When we started, a small reader that would fill a square. Now she is reading chapter books so a couple of chapters will fill a square. I started this as an incentive for her to read. I think that it has worked and she likes reading a lot more now. Of course she doesn't want to get rid of the chart. When she fills the chart she gets to pick a place to go, (she also gets .25 for each square). For her first filled chart she chose Chucky Cheese. She had sooo much fun. Kaden did too which kind of surprised me but he loved playing all the games and asking for more coins. Note also that you don't see many kids around. We were able to go on a school day when most kids are in school. Again a plus to homeschooling. :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Those odd sleeping positions.

Aren't babies so funny. I love when you find them in some weird place or position asleep. Here is how I found Ellie one day. How cute!

State Fair

Before we went on vacation we visited the Tulsa State Fair. I wanted to go during the week when there is less of a crowd, (a benefit of homeschooling) but I found out the Sugar Art Show was on the weekend so that is when we went. It was really busy but we had a lot of fun. Kaden was a little bummed because he was too short to ride most of the rides. Usually there are lots of things for little kids but this one didn't seem to have much. They did ride the carousel a couple times though and both enjoyed that.

Here is how Ellie spent a lot of her day. :) She didn't mind.

We had a lot of fun and I enjoyed being able to see the sugar show that I normally only see on Food network.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vacation Photo's

So I mentioned we were gone on a vacation for a bit. We went to Arizona to see family and celebrate Nathan's Papa and Grandma's 60th anniversary! That is such an amazing thing! We should all be so lucky.
We had an amazing time. We had been missing everyone so much, it was great to be there.
We stayed with Nathan's parents, Lynn and Claudia. The kids loved that! They love to play with them and listen to stories and make up stories. That is what they did non-stop the entire time we were there. I think they have been going through withdrawls since we got back.

Playing with Daddy's old bristle blocks from when he was a kid.

Aww aren't they cute!

We visited with my family too. It was the first time that they got to meet Ellie. It was a lot of fun to see them and also my cousin Renee and her boys and my Grandma and Aunt.

My dad and Ellie

My mom and Ellie


Playin games.... You won't see any with Kaden.. have you heard the expression "nailing Jello to a tree"...

Papa and Grandma's anniversary party was in Coronado. Thanks to Aunt Barb who planned the whole thing and had us all stay at their condo's. We love to go to Coronado!

Here are Papa and Grandma and their cake.

Papa and Grandma with Blaine, Barb and their family.

Papa and Grandma with John, Leslie and their girls.

Papa and Grandma with Robert and Jeanette.

Papa and Grandma with our family. We have by far the largest family at this point since all the kids are married now and we are also the only ones great grandkids.
From left to right...Chris and Kristina, Rachel, Claudia and Lynn, Papa, Grandma and Meghan, Matt and Shanna, then Nate and Kaden and me and Ellie.

This is Chris and Kristina again with their cake. They had a quick and quiet wedding so we had this cake for them to celebrate with them. Congrats guys!

A few random shots...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More fall fun!

Last Saturday Lowe's had their building clinic for the kids. We signed up and went. The Kids had a great time with it. They were each given a little Lowe's apron, so cute, and they get a patch when they build something. They hold these clinics every two weeks. This time they build a little Frankenstein box that is a magic trick. Fun!

That day after we got home we made a "campfire" for the kids to roast hotdogs and marshmallows. It was windy so not the best day for it but it wasn't raining so we went with it anyways. You never know if your going to get another day without rain here! They had fun though. Meghan loves the smore's but Kaden like the pieces individually. Silly boy!

Trying to get the fire going.

Concentrating on roasting.

Here is where my Baby Doll hung out watching. Isn't she so cute!?!?
I just love that hat too.

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