Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The State Fair

On the 22nd we went to the State Fair. It was a planned field trip through our homeschool group.

I had my regular drs appointment on the 23rd. Everything is looking good. I had to let her know about our move. The good thing about it is that I will see her every time before we leave instead of sometimes seeing the nurse practitioner. It's a bummer though, I wish she was going to be bringing this baby into the world. :) She is very understanding though so it was a good appointment.

We went to Matthew and Shanna's wedding on Friday. I didn't take any pictures but I am sure someone will share some with me. :) It was really pretty, everyone had fun. Meghan and Kaden danced with Lauren and Caitlyn and had a blast.

It's A GIRL!!

On the 16th, even though my head wanted to explode, I had my ultra sound appointment. My ultra sounds and lab work are done in Scottsdale, not far from us so that is nice. Since my Dr is in Chandler which is not that close. Anyways, we found out we are having another little girl! Meghan was so excited and happy. She had been saying the baby was a girl the whole time. In the office she was giggling after the ultra sound tech. told us. It was cute! Everything else looks normal as well. :) Here's to a healthy baby girl! I have to get Nathan to scan the ultra sound pictures still and then I will post some.

On the 19th we went to a birthday party. It was for Alexi, Sabrina's daughter. She does my hair and I do their cakes so I made her cake. The party was at Skateland in Mesa. I didn't think we would be there long because the last time i took Meghan to a skating party she was discouraged and took her skates off quickly. This time she kept getting up and trying over and over. She had a great time and we were there the whole party time.

On the 21st Meghan started swimming lessons. I really wish we would have found this woman in the summer but late is better than never right? She has been two weeks now and she is doing great! Tuesdays are pretty rushed because of that. After she gets out of swimming she has to change quick and we have to go to music. They are going to have a recital on Dec. 6th so I think she will like that.

Shamrock Farms

On the 14th we had a field trip to Shamrock Farms. Nathan took the morning off to go to that. That is the day that I started to get sick too.

The corn maze

On the 12th we went on our first Girl Scout field trip. It was something the whole family could do. They went through the corn maze and were suppose to find little markers in there and it would tell them where to go next. it didn't work out that well. There was also a tiny map on the back of the tickets and people were trying to read those, that didn't work either. So we wondered for a while and finally got out when the girls started saying they were tired. This was during our couple cool days too so that was nice. We were able to wear sweaters. :)

Here I Am!

I know it's been a while since I updated anything. I did mention that October was the busiest month ever didn't I? I was also pretty sick for about a week. Anyways, today I will attempt to add some pictures.

This is the 11th. It was really the first cool day we have had in a while. So the kids and I spent a couple hours outside, in the afternoon even! They had a lot of fun. They played a while in the yard and drew with chalk on the sidewalk and then they painted with water. Of course it has warmed right back up since then. They can still go play in the morning some but the afternoons get to around 90.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Field trips, meetings and more ... oh my!

We have been pretty busy. October seems to be the busiest month of the year to us. We have the most field trips and activities in this month. Last weekend my friend Katrina came out. Her family was taking a road trip so she fit getting together with us in. :) We went to Hobby Lobby in Avondale, (the best craft store ever!) then we went to dinner. The kids had a blast! It was amazing how they got along. The girls seems to have similiar personalities and actually the boys did too. Here are a couple pictures I took. Kat has more.

So then this week we have been busy with normal stuff. We had music, worked on school, went to Girl Scouts and I had a cake to work on for tomorrow. Meghan and I made cookies one day. I was asking her all the questions about which cup to use and how many 1/2 or 1/3 etc were in one cup. She did awesome! I was amazed because I haven't really asked her that stuff and she pretty much knew it all. Of course she is dressed like a princess. :)

Today we had a field trip also. We went to a farm where they have everything, either grown or raised there to make pizza. The kids learned about all that goes into pizza then they went throught he corn maze and were able to pick out a pumpkin. We were there inthe middle of the afternoon so it was pretty warm. Luckily Nate took off early and kept Kaden at home so he could sleep. Neither of us would have made it through if he was there. haha There were a couple women pushing strollers through the maze and it looked rough.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kaden is 18 months today!

He is getting to be such a big boy. It makes me a little sad. Of course it's lots of fun too. He points at everything. We usually tell him what it is he is pointing at. He will copy the words we tell him. So he has said diaper, window... etc. His big thing right now is door. He says it like a New Yorker, doooah. It's so cute. He has to make sure they are closed when someone opens one. Nate and I were talking about this the other day. He says so many words and understands a lot for his age it seems. We can say "let's get your milk", "put this in your room" or "you need a diaper" for example and he knows what to do. He takes off running for the fridge or he'll take his dirty clothes to his hamper. Very cute.

Here are a couple pictures. He was pushing around two baby dolls the other day and I had to get some pictures. There is one with a funny face too.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well Nate is home. Yay It was a pretty long weekend for me. We had plans for Friday which was Girl Scouts. Meghan received a new patch for rededicating this year. She also got her patches for the camping weekend. Either way when we got home we were all tired since we had gotten up so early to drop Nate off.
Saturday we went to our friends house for swimming and lunch. Suzanne is a homeschool mom too and the kids like to do things together. She made bacon wrapped hotdogs on the grill. Then they had toppings like chopped tomatoes, lettuce, salsa and guacamole. It was really good. I haven't had hotdogs like that before. Again we were all tired when we got home.
Then comes Sunday and we had really no plans, and Monday when we had no plans except to wait all day for Daddy. Those days were long. :) We picked Nate up Monday night about 7:45 or so. I had the kids all ready for bed before we left so they didn't have much time to see him before they had to go to bed. Monday was my birthday too so at least he got home before it was over. haha It was the 2nd anniversary of my 29th birthday.. haha! I had gotten a small cheesecake but we waiting until Tuesday to have any.

Tuesday we had Meghan's music class. She really enjoys it. The past couple weeks they have gotten to play the xylaphone. We also had our milk run.. :) and we had an order for coconut oil to pick up too. We did get all our running around done in one day though.

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