Thursday, May 29, 2008

I have been tagged!

You know I am going to share the love with some other poor souls too.. if I can think of someone. :) I was tagged by Kelsy and Julia. Thanks sooo much.. haha So here is what I am suppose to do.

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

7 Fab Facts...

1. My Favorite color in the world is pink. I feel a little immature because it's such a little girls color but i still love it!
2. My husband has always called me a hippy. He also calls Meghan one.
3. We actually are becoming a little hippy like since we are trying to be as natural as possible. The only thing is, Nate is agreeing with it all, so I guess he's a hippy too?
4. I love to say "How Rude", like little Michelle in Full House. Yes I used to watch that as a kid lots.
5. I bake and decorate cakes but I really would rather not eat them. I like cookies much better.
6. I love to read blogs and lately those about people growing gardens and making soap.
7. Everything in my life is directed by God.

Okay now I need to tag some people. I hope they don't throw things at me. :)
I'll tag my sister in law- Teresa ,and Shannon

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday wonders

Kaden seems to be getting better and better each day. He is playing and having fun again. I am so glad we got through this one without having to run to the doctor. He was able to get over it on his own. He didn't take very good naps today so he was kind of cranky but he had a pretty good day. He has started eating more the past couple days too. Today he even had spaghetti, with the sauce and meat too. Meghan won't even eat that stuff. She had to have her regular plain noodles, (although they were whole wheat, organic) with cheese. She is loving the fact that we are getting so many healthy foods lately though. She loves all her "farm food". We go to the farmers market on Saturdays to get veggies. For some reason it really makes her eat. She has been eating really well lately. I have to say the salads are so good.

Today I got some updated pictures of the garden box. I know we are going to have to move some things or thin them out eventually but it seems to be doing well.

Also new today I used my new BOSCH mixer and Nutrimill! I made 6 loaves of bread. I have 4 in the freezer and one in the fridge. The last one we used today for lunch and dinner. It's so good! I will not have to buy bread again! Of course I took a few pictures. :D There is my bucket of Prairie Gold wheat and the Nutrimill, the flour it made and then my finished bread.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

GMO foods

I wanted to post this information about GMO foods. There is a video to watch also. We are doing our best to get locally grown foods and to get rid of the processed stuff as much as possible. It is a hard thing to do because we are so used to those tings. It's very important though. Buy organic, local if you can produce, milk, meat etc.. All things natural.
GMO food information

There is a list of foods here that shows you which foods you purchase are GMO. Pretty much everything you can buy as a regular grocery store. This is information i got off of Tumbleweed Farms blog which you can find on the right.

True Food Now

And we're back

I am behind again but that is ok. Kaden got sick on Thursday and has been sick since. He was vomiting on Thursday, (Meghan calls this "the throw-ups), then he started running a fever that night and ran that all night and part of the next day. After that those things were gone but he had a few icky poo's and he has just been laying around. Luckily he still took plenty of fluids. He just seems weak and not really happy. I miss him smiling so I am hoping today he will be a lot better. Here are a couple pictures of him. I know sad to take pictures of a sick baby but he is still so cute!

Because of this we didn't get to do anything with our long weekend, which also was Nate's birthday weekend. Nate thought kaden was doing well enough that we went out to dinner last night so I guess that was his birthday dinner. He wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse. I still need to make his pie, i only have it partially done. He asked for a coconut pie instead of a cake.

I did try to make butter yesterday. That was fun. I only got a small bowl of cream off of our milk. I guess this milk doesn't have as much as others. So I made the butter in my mixer and it made maybe a half a cup. I would love to make all of our butter but I don't think that is going to cut it.

Today we need to go to Sprouts, go pick up our milk and then tonight I have a bread class. I am also buying a mixer and grinder from the lady that teaches the class. I am excited and hope to be making some bread tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Subtle Frugality

Just a nice post I read today. I enjoyed the comments too.
Subtle Frugality

Today was a pretty relaxed day. We didn't have anywhere to go. I took Kaden down from the dining room chairs repeatedly. He has climbed onto a chair and then onto the table so I really have to watch him. It's great fun going back and forth over and over to the table to get him down. ;) Meghan worked on schol stuff, played with her computer and drew pictures... typical day for her. One of the pictures she made is for her pen pal. We have started reading Little House in the Big Woods. We tried once before, probably two years ago but she wasn't ready for it. She likes it now though, although she still gets excited to see a picture when they come up. We are getting into the book a bit now, I enjoy reading with her like this. I have usually done it when Kaden is asleep but today we did some while he was up. It went ok but I think she can pay attention better when he isn't crawling all over her.

A couple pictures. Kaden wearing his little hat and the kids playing.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday, Monday

Today has been a good day. Not a lot going on but still good. Julie and Sarah came over this morning and hung out. The girls played dress up, went swimming and just played. Julie and I were able to talk a lot and we had lunch. After they left, around 2 something to avoid rush hour, Kaden went down for a nap and Meghan worked on a book she is writing. :) Our friend Jodie and her son Joe gave her this book that is all put together and she just has to write the story and draw the pictures. She is loving that!


I started reading a blog today. It was really interesting. I am not sure why but I love reading blogs and seeing what others do with their days. Anyways I was on this blog. and she has this little thing there. I really liked it.

Whatever God is calling you or your family to, do it with an undivided heart. Don't let other people's judgments, opinions, or choices affect your resolve. Don't let your own perceived failures stop you either, Christ's disciples had some really spectacular screw-ups but He was still more than able to use them beyond their own abilities. Press onward and upward and go for the whole package: the power of His resurrection mixed in with the fellowship of His sufferings all to attain that high and lofty goal of knowing Christ!
Jenny G.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Update on the garden

Here are the pictures of the garden now. I need one more picture of it with the sheet Nate put up to shade it some.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Meghan's sunflower

Meghan wanted some sunflower seeds a while back. So I got her some and before we could do anything with them she decided she would do it on her own. So she went in several places and planted the seeds. None of the seeds she watered and looked after came up. She doesn't remember planting this one. So either she planted it and forgot or she dropped a seed here and didn't know it. Either way this one came up. At first Nate thought it was a weed but I told him to wait and it started to bloom. It is right in the middle of our rose bushes.

Are time outs effective?

Well in our house I am no so sure anymore. Meghan was in time out yesterday and this is what happened.

Whenever she is in time out not Kaden goes over and lays with her while she is there. So I don't think it's a big punishment at all. :) Aren't they so cute though!

How does your garden grow...

I don't think we have told many people we are making a garden. It might be a little too late for some things but we are going to try anyways. Luckily Arizona seems to have two seasons too so things that may not work right now we can try again once it cools off. We made sure the lady we rent from didn't care and then we started working on it this week. Here is the spot that we started with after clearing some of the rocks.

Here Nate and Meghan are building the box that will hold our garden.

Here is the box installed and ready to fill. Nathan also tapped into the drip system and added more tubing so that the garden will be watered with the rest of the plants and trees. Today we should be able to get everything planted. We are going to have strawberry and tomato plants and everything else is going to be seed.

Kaden climbs the slide

Kaden was playing outside with Meghan. I was watching him of course. But he started climbing up the slide the wrong way. He made it all the way to the top several times. Kinda scary!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was nice. We had gone out to dinner the night before at Red Lobster. I do not like fish but they have the best steaks there and it is consistently good each time I have been there. I also love their cheddar, garlic biscuits. i also was able to go to Joann's a get a few things. On Mother's Day we were planning to go to casa Grande to see Nate's mom but I didn't get much sleep so I stayed home with Kaden to rest. Meghan and Nathan went though and had a great time.
I found this craft thing for Meghan to make for me too. I figure that other kids bring their mom gifts from school why not have her make something for art. So we made this vase from an old jar. She used her fingerprints to make the flowers and then I baked it in the oven.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Farm Milk and more kidlet funnies

This is what Meghan calls the Raw Milk we now buy. She asked me why we were getting milk from someone's house and not the store so I explained that this milk comes straight from a farm and they bring it to the house so that we can get it without a long drive. I have told her it is healthier and that is why we buy it. So now on Tuesday when we go to pick it up, she says we are going to get our "farm milk". :)

Meghan has decided that she loves peanut butter and jelly sandwich crackers. i usually just do peanut butter but one time Nathan gave her jelly on it too. I am not sure how that came about but now she asks for it. She still loves tomatoes too. These little ones are from the Farmers market last weekend.

This is her doll that she has started pretending is pregnant this week. She has asked me lots of times how long until she is ready to have her baby.

Here are a couple pictures of Kaden. He loves to climb in and out of this wagon. He sometimes dumps all the blocks out and then he picks them all up to put back.

May is here!

It is hard to believe it is already May. Time flies...
For some reason the lawn care people turned our water on when they left. It was on about an hour before I decided I should call Nathan and figure out how to turn it off. They had 42 minutes left on it. That is a long time to water the lawn. So it made the lawn into a big puddle. The kids liked watching the birds take baths in it though so that was fun. Later Meghan went out to play and I just had her put her swimsuit on since I knew she was going to get into it, and she did.

I still have a hard time getting Kaden to eat much. He usually will eat a few bites of something before he is done. So today I decided to try and let him do it himself, to see if he would eat more. He doesn't really like much fruit, he will only eat some once in a while. So I started with applesauce. He actually ate more than I thought and he liked trying. Since he got some in his mouth I tried a prune mixed fruit and he had some of that too. Of course he made a huge mess and had to have a bath right after. Oh the joys of your kids feeding themselves.

Summer fun

We went and bought some outdoor things for Meghan. She now has a little pool to play in and a sprinkler too. She has been outside more "swimming" almost everyday.

Kaden's little party

Well here are some pictures. Claudia and Lynn, Nate's parents, came up to visit and help celebrate Kaden's birthday. I made a cake and we just hung out and visited a while. Kaden LOVES his little farm truck from Grandma and Grandpa.

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