Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun blog candy!

Look at all the cool stuff! She has a great blog too, check it out.
Passion for Crafts

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We are back online!

So here is the view from where I sit. Kaden finally fell asleep for his nap, Ellie is on her way there too and Meghan talked Daddy into getting her computer out for her. She is playing on and plans to look at too. I need to sweep the floor and pick up the toys for the umpteenth time but here I sit. The installer came out to point our satellite dish yesterday so we are finally back online! Oh well, I figure the floor and toys will still be there when I am done. Plus I have a lot to do since I haven't really been on for 4 months. For now I have added a bunch of pictures to start catching up. I will add some more tomorrow. :) Enjoy!

Oh here are a couple more I took today. Kaden was not wanting to take pictures. He usually doesn't so that is why I don't have any pictures with all 3 of them yet, until these. This was the best I could get. :) Ellie says "HI".

Kaden turns two!

Here are a few pictures from Kaden's birthday (April 2nd). He loves tools so we decided to get him a tool bench with real working tools. We bought his cake this year from walmart. You have to know how hard that was for me anyways but not having my things unpacked I had no choice. The cake tasted ok but it was not very pretty. Oh well. He liked it and he got to keep the train I bought for the top. He has really gotten into trains too. He calls them "choo choo" haha. He is doing great though. He is such a smart little guy. He talks plenty and understand everything we tell him. A couple days ago he told me what a star was. I have been counting with him for a little bit. It's funny though I will say one and he will either say two on his own or repeat it, then repeat three. He doesn't say one though.

Meghan turns seven!

Meghan had kind of a birthday week. We had to go into Tulsa for my doctors appointment and she really wanted to go to Chucky Cheese. So we went there for a birthday dinner, we even ordered their birthday cake, chocolate of course. :) Both kids had a great time.

On her actual birthday we made cupcakes. She had cupcakes and ice cream and opened gifts. She was very excited about her gifts. She has a thing where she sometimes will kiss things, so Kaden had to copy her of course.

The big ice storm

Here are some pictures from the ice storm in ate January. We were staying with my brother, Josh, at the time and were without power for a week and a half, I believe. Pretty pictures though. All the white on the ground is ice not snow. There is my brothers house and the creek we drive through to get here. I like the pictures with the cardinals.

On the road...

Here are a few pictures from our move to OK.
Here is where we started to see some snow and really it was about the only place we saw snow and the most... in Flagstaff, haha

Here are some pictures of the kids in the car. In a couple you can tell Meghan was taking pictures. She loves to take my camera and go crazy. I should get her one of her own.

Here are a couple from New Mexico, at Lottaburger. Anytime we drive through NM, Nathan has to stop to eat there. So this time I decided to take some pictures. :)

Here are some pictures getting into OK.

Pictures from Christmas

Yea so since I am so far behind I am just going to have pages of pictures you have missed. :)

These are from Christmas...
The kids with Lily their cousin and with Nate. There is one with my brother Matt and my sil Glenda, (you can tell Matt likes his pic taken:)). There is Kaden on his new tricycle and Meghan with her ballerina gifts. Just a few. :)

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