Sunday, July 31, 2011

If I Was Brave

I would totally be an unschooler. I read so many blogs about unschooling and I like it! I think we are kind of unschoolish. I am not super strict with what has to be done all of the time and sometimes we do just let go of things depending on life circumstances and whether it's working or not. When Meghan was first starting the school years I did unschool. She wasn't really ready for a lot of things so we read a lot and played games... There wasn't a lot of actual school. This is really the first year that she will have more to do and a list of what I would like done each day. Of course we will still have things we do together and hopefully the littles will join in some of that.

I think unschooling is just living. Maybe with more focus on having learning tools available and asking and encouraging questions. Kaden hasn't done any "school" really. He has watched Leap Frog video's and Magic School Bus cartoons and he plays the Wii and the computer like he's 10 instead of 4. He knows lots of letters, lots of letter sounds and can count to 13, as I mentioned the other day. He also knows all the shapes and colors and just where his socks should go in his drawer. ;) I am excited to give him some writing tools this school year and see where he goes with it. (I also found some left handed scissors for him.)

So although I want to do more history with Meghan this year, I think we have been doing just great with our relaxed approach to schooling. She reads at somewhere around half way through 5th grade level, knows all her basic math, enjoys watching history documentaries with Daddy, and has decided to learn Spanish all on her own.

So if I was brave I would just unschool... but I am not. ;) What I have decided we are for now is relaxed, delight directed homeschoolers. You know what, that's ok too!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal 7/25-7/29

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week…
The AC went out in my car again which means we found ways to stay home. It's hot out there! Thankfully the Girl Scout meeting for this week was cancelled. We did go early one morning, (early being about 9) to get milk at the farm which is only 7 miles from us now.  Other than that we have worked things so that if I need something Nathan has taken care of it on his way home. One day he delivered cake pops for me on his lunch break. He rocks! He will be working on the AC this weekend and hopefully he can fix it.

In our homeschool this week…
We are still on break so nothing official yet. I have been working on some of the school plans for the next school year. I need to print out my new planner still and start filling it in. Kaden did find a set of alphabet cards and has been playing with those on his own, either telling me what the letters are or asking me what they are. He also has been counting on his own sometimes. He counted to 13 yesterday! Since I haven't done much with him I think that is amazing!

My favorite thing this week was…
I have had some orders come in this week when last week I was feeling down about it. Sometimes I work at getting my business out there and nothing happens and I think that maybe I need to quit and focus on the kids only. God gave me this business though and the talent to do it and He seems to always come through with something that lets me know I am doing what I need to be doing. I am waiting to hear back from a catering company that wants a new baker. If I get the gig I will be kept busy. I know that with God's help I can keep up with both the business and homeschooling.

I’m cooking…
I have been doing a lot of baking to help save money. So lots of bread and things. We are also now stocked up on the grass fed, organic beef and pork so I have been looking for different recipes sometimes.

I’m grateful for…
My husband for being so helpful this week. My brother and his family because now I have a babysitter when I need one occasionally and they don't live far from us.

I’m praying for…
My brother and his job search.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Need a Sign....

So since we have moved we have had people come to the door twice. The first time is was an older man and he was telling me that my kids were going to learn about evolution in school. I interrupted to let him no that they are home schooled and they wouldn't learn anything at school. I also informed him that I was Christian (it's just easier to say) and he asked if I was LDS. I said no and wrapped up the conversation. He left a pamphlet about creation, which I happen to believe in.

Yesterday two women came to the door. They said George, (the first guy) told them I was interested in more information and that I was LDS. Um no... They have a new book to give me. I tell the woman I am really not interested. She keeps talking. My little ones like to go to the door with me. They try and talk constantly to whoever is there. They are pushing past me to get outside and we also have mosquito issues so those are coming inside. After a minute I tell her I really don't have time and she finally gets the hint. She leaves her book and says they will try another time. How about no?

I don't plan on answering the door anymore. I guess they can hear my kids if they happen to be making noise but I don't have time to discuss anything with two little kids chatting and hanging on me. I mean I didn't even know what religion they were until this time and they are not LDS which is what I thought after the first visit. They are Jehovah's Witness. I don't know exactly what they believe but I know they don't celebrate birthday's or Christmas and those are VERY important to me. :D

So I am thinking I should paint a decorative sign. You know people have all kinds of yard and door signs. Mine will say something clever if I can think of what it should be.

"Jesus Follower. Period."
"Jesus isn't about religion"
"I'm going to heaven, not sure where your religion is taking you."


I am also thinking I don't want to say I am Christian anymore. It can be confused with "other religions" and it has also in a lot of ways become just another religion. It's not about all the stuff, it's about Jesus. Period!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday, Monday....

It's Monday, Monday.....
I had the most fun weekend. My friend and I drove to Cake Camp in Henderson, Nevada, which is very close to Las Vegas. We could see the strip as we got off the freeway to go to our hotel. We stayed at the Green Valley Ranch Resort, which is where Cake Camp was held. We got there on Thursday evening and didn't leave at all until Sunday! There is so much to do in there and restaurants and things we didn't need to leave. I had a lot of great classes and loved my teachers. Many of the teachers are cake designers that have been on Food Network or won the Oklahoma Sugar Arts Show. Some I have met before like Michelle Bommarito, who has more energy than just about anyone I know, or Colette Peters. Others I met for the first time like Ruth Rickey. She taught my favorite class of the weekend which was techniques for painting on cakes, which I love anyways. She taught techniques for charcoal or ink drawings, watercolor and oil painting, all with edible sugar mediums.

my watercolor

My "pen and ink"

my oil painting

Some of the other classes I took were about stenciling, a gluten free baking lecture, a fudge making demo, designer cupcakes, and a few more. I had a great time and enjoyed meeting and chatting with everyone from all over the country. I can't wait for the next one which isn't for two years. I think it would be nice if the whole family went to the next one too. We get a great room rate because of having Cake Camp there and we could take the kids and see some fun stuff. I had never been to Vegas before so Nate thought we should have at least driven down the strip. Oh well, next time. :)

The kids did great while I was gone and Nathan did a great job taking care of them. He took Meghan to Girl Scouts on Friday which was a roller skating day. Then that evening he had to go and pick up our grass fed, organic beef way up in Phoenix. You have to order it months ahead and when it's ready they let you know so I didn't know what date we would have to pick it up until the week before. They had Walmart trips, went to pick up milk from the farm, had my brother and his family over and they are still healthy and happy. ;)

Plans for this week are to keep getting things unpacked. I need to reorganize my cake stuff too. I also want to do some baking and cooking for us and hopefully finish up my school planning for the coming school year. I am also going to make my niece a birthday cake and maybe help plan a party. :) Always busy here! Have a great week!!

You can still enter my Cupcake warmer giveaway too! I draw the winner on Friday!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Kung Fu Panda Winner!!

The winner of the Kung Fu Panda Giveaway is Jami!

Jami said...

Oh, we love Po in our household!!! He's the best!!!

Congrats Jami!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Little Cows

Just a quick post. We are still here just super busy... still. We are slowly getting things unpacked. Ellie was sick this past week so I didn't get much done as I was caring for her. She wasn't sleeping well (even for her) so I wasn't sleeping well and we didn't get much done. Thank God she is better now and we are working on unpacking again.

Now onto the cows. :) Yesterday was Chik-fil-a's customer appreciation day. If you dress like a cow from head to toe they give you a free meal. They have a template on their site with ears and spots etc that you can use. They love Chik-fil-a, (so do Nate and I!) so we dressed them up and went. It was fun, there were lots of people there dressed up and they were much more creative about it than me. They must have planned it more than an hour before they went. ha So here are my little cows. (we added the other parts on their clothing after we got there)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Scentsy Cupcake Warmer Giveaway!

This giveaway is hosted on my cake blog but I thought you might be interested! It is an awesome giveaway! Head on over and check it out! Inspired Occasions Giveaway

Here is the prize... just to tease ya! ;)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's a Kung Fu Panda Giveaway!!!

General Mills has teamed up Kung Fu Panda to promote the new movie Kung Fu Panda 2!

My Blog Spark sent us this cool prize package. It includes one box of participating General Mills cereal, (each box contains a Kung Fu Panda spin fighter toy) and the original Kung Fu Panda movie.

Look for the spin fighter toys in participating General Mills cereal boxes. My kids loved the movie and so did I!

If you would like to enter to win your own prize package..... Please leave a comment letting me know who is your favorite character in the movie. This is going to be a quick one so get those entries in fast! I will draw and post the winner on Monday the 11th. Good luck!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just One of Those Days

Ever have days where you have plans and things laid out; lists of things you need/want to get done... and it just doesn't happen? Today is one of those days. We got so much done this weekend I thought I would just keep it up. I was sure I would get some things in Ellie's room unpacked and finish up my kitchen. However, it didn't happen. Ellie started to feel warm to me last night, Nate thought she was fine, normal is what he said. Before she went to bed I decided to give her some medicine anyways, (hey I am the mom I know what I am doing). Then I stayed up late working on things. I get to bed about 1 and as I start to doze off I hear Ellie crying. She was HOT. So I got a wet washcloth, gave her some more medicine and something to drink. She went back to sleep but every little bit would cry so I would check on her. So then I couldn't sleep because I was checking on her so much and because I just couldn't sleep. Needless to say I am so tired today. Ellie is still running a low fever, it doesn't seem to be as high and I haven't given her anything for it since 8 am. She has been laying around, being held and falling asleep at random times. I think she will be ok tomorrow. I have been too tired to do anything other than take care of the kids basic needs and answer some emails. I am getting ready to muster the strength and go to our once a month cake club meeting now.

We did get a lot done this weekend though. We, of course, have a ton more to do. Moving is a lot of work! I even cooked and baked this weekend. We were out of bread so I made some. I also made patriotic popcorn for the kids, banana bread, and a pork roast which we are finishing today as pulled pork sandwiches. I am glad I got those things done so that we have things to eat and I am not having to cook today. ;)

We love the house though and it's starting to come together! I will hopefully be posting more updates and pictures soon!

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