Friday, October 10, 2008

Field trips, meetings and more ... oh my!

We have been pretty busy. October seems to be the busiest month of the year to us. We have the most field trips and activities in this month. Last weekend my friend Katrina came out. Her family was taking a road trip so she fit getting together with us in. :) We went to Hobby Lobby in Avondale, (the best craft store ever!) then we went to dinner. The kids had a blast! It was amazing how they got along. The girls seems to have similiar personalities and actually the boys did too. Here are a couple pictures I took. Kat has more.

So then this week we have been busy with normal stuff. We had music, worked on school, went to Girl Scouts and I had a cake to work on for tomorrow. Meghan and I made cookies one day. I was asking her all the questions about which cup to use and how many 1/2 or 1/3 etc were in one cup. She did awesome! I was amazed because I haven't really asked her that stuff and she pretty much knew it all. Of course she is dressed like a princess. :)

Today we had a field trip also. We went to a farm where they have everything, either grown or raised there to make pizza. The kids learned about all that goes into pizza then they went throught he corn maze and were able to pick out a pumpkin. We were there inthe middle of the afternoon so it was pretty warm. Luckily Nate took off early and kept Kaden at home so he could sleep. Neither of us would have made it through if he was there. haha There were a couple women pushing strollers through the maze and it looked rough.


Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

Looks like a great time! LOVE the pictures of the girls sharing the shake!

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