Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's An Update

We have had a very busy start to the year here! I love blogging and sharing but I obviously can't do it regularly. :) So I am going to catch up on a few things and share some pictures.

Business has been as busy as always. I thought it would slow down after the holidays but it's still going full force which is good, I guess. My friend and I formed a new business together last year. That doesn't mean I don't still have my own, (and she has her own) but we joined together to form a new one where we can promote together and do large events together. It's been going great! We had a large event at the end of January, a Gatsby theme. It's for a magazine that we advertise in. All the advertisers are invited and it was super fun, plus we brought some of the desserts. :)

Here are a couple of the cakes I have made recently too. It's what I do, I'm going to share. ;)

The kids have been busy as normal. They have been spending a lot of time outside even though it is chilly. It seems that the colder it is the more time they are outdoors. They have been digging huge holes in the sandbox, playing on the swing set they got for Christmas, (Thank you grandparents!) and playing lots of role playing games. Lately it's been pirates and the princess or something like that.

My brother and sister in law sent the kids a package for Valentine's day. They were super excited to get mail and love their aunt, uncle and cousins! (Hoping for a visit sometime. ;) )

This is out of order but they went on a field trip late January to San Tan Mountain Regional Park. I don't know why I didn't get pictures of anything but the kids had a great time and learned a lot about the Sonoran Desert. I bought them a prickly pear sucker to try. :)
We also went to IHOP on National Pancake day. Then this week I made heart shaped (kinda) pancakes since it is Valentine's week.

In other big news.... Kaden has lost his first baby tooth! I was really surprised it was time for that. When Meghan started loosing teeth I was ready but when I saw Kaden's tooth pointed out weird I thought he must have hit it. There's no way my little boy is old enough to loose those tiny teeth, and yes he has the tiniest baby teeth ever! Alas it is time, after a few days that tooth came out and there is already another one growing in. The one next to it is loose as well. :( 
The tooth fairy left him two dollars and he was very excited. At first he was nervous but Meghan told him how fun it is to gross me out with the hole after it falls out and he got excited.
Well there is the short version of the past couple months! February is super busy this year. Coming up we have a Valentine's skating party on Thursday. Then on Friday I drop Meghan off at church for a weekend of camp. I am a little nervous about it myself as she has never been away from us that long but she is excitedly packing and repacking her stuff to go. I am sure that Ellie and Kaden are going to miss her tons too. Then of course next week is Meghan's 11th birthday! She has asked for a few friends to go see a movie with so we will be planning that for the weekend after her birthday. We are going to a car show that weekend as well and then we are hoping to go on a skiing trip at the end of the month. Wheeew.
It's safe to say the next update might be long too... but we'll see. :)
Above all, LOVE each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.
1 Peter 4:8


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