Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hootie is here!

Oh of the girls on my scrapbooking board started this little game. She bought Hootie and sent him to another of the families on the board. He brings the kids a little treat and they get to play with him and take him on some outings before he is sent on to visit the new family. He showed up to hang out at our retreat. Well today he showed up at our house. The kids got to open the box before bed. Here are a few pictures. :)

Here is Kaden digging right in, he went right for Hootie.

Here is Meghan with her treats. Hootie came from Kelci's house at the beach. She sent each of the kids a starfish and a sand dollar. Meghan was so excited! She loves them.

Here is Meghan getting a chance to give him a hug but Kaden wants him back. LOL


Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

YAY! Glad Hootie made it ok, hopefully he can survive in the heat! Kaden is SO cute! Meghan looks excited about the shells!

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