Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our week off...

So this week is our week off of school, kinda. haha We are just doing some fun things. Today the kids played in the sprinklers and Meghan frosted cupcakes. They each had one while running in the sprinklers. Then they were able to play a bit on the swing. It was a little cooler today, only 100... hehe I can't wait until it cools off and we can be outside again! I am enjoying planning all those fall field trips and activities.

The other day we went to Sweet Tomatoes to have dinner and we saw another little boy there that we thought was about the same age as Kaden. He had just learned to walk though because his family was putting him down and making a big deal. :) Nathan finally asked someone how old he was, I believe they said almost one or just over one.. It was a month either way from his birthday. So he was about 6 months younger than Kaden, but he was just a tad taller than Kaden. So I decided today to see how tall he is and find an online growth chart to see where "they" say he is. He was in the 17th percentile for his age. He is just our little peanut. I knew he still looked tiny to me for a reason. :) I am guessing that he is taking after me on the slow growth early in life. My parents said I looked like a 2 year old going to kindergarten. I think they must be exaggerating just a little as I had to wait a year to go because of where my birthday fell. I was 5 going in and a month later turned 6.

Meghan is doing great. She is enjoying her week off but she is pretty good with school stuff too, she usually enjoys it. Yesterday when she went to bed she hugged my tummy and said "good night little girl". As cute as that is I am starting to be a little worried about her. She seems so positive the baby is a girl, she could be very disappointed. haha

Kaden is doing well also. I am glad he finally took off with eating. I guess he just didn't like baby food and I really think it had more to do with texture. He still doesn't like runny foods like applesauce. I have to remember though that he might like things that Meghan doesn't like. For example one day we gave him some cheeseburger and he really liked it, another time is was a pasta with the meat sauce. Those kinds of things Meghan won't eat. He is also saying new things all the time. I am pretty sure we are the only ones that would understand it, but it's cute. Just this week he has started saying bite, up, all gone and outside. I am still not catching if or what he is calling Meghan.

Here are a few pictures of the kids hanging out with Hootie. I think he will be on his way to his new family on Friday.


LaVonna said...

Love it!

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