Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weekly Homeschool Recap 1/18-1/22

Okay I am a little behind. Actually I'm not sure this will post but I am going to try it anyway. (Slow internet this weekend and so far this week) Not a lot of pictures (I have been trying to get them to load all week) but a little info. :)
So we did pretty much the same old things last week. Nothing way out of the ordinary. We are still reading Farmer Boy and doing the unit study with it. Meghan narrated the story where Almanzo ( the boy in the story) almost fell into the hole cut in the frozen lake. She also relayed back to me how they would cut and save ice in the winter to use all summer and what they used it for. We read some extra material about life before refrigeration also. For our science we talked about matter, specifically water and how it can be all types of matter; gas, solid or liquid. She learned how water (ice) expands and contracts. They also watched two Magic School Bus videos. One about bees and the other called "In A Pickle" (about microbes).
For Bible we are reading about Moses. They also watched a Moses video we have. (I plan to read some more about Moses this week and add a craft project or something.)
For math she is still practicing adding, subtracting and times tables (up to 5's) in a timed game. She also reviewed telling time, borrowing and carrying. Whenever we cook or bake she gets out the measuring cups we need and we talk about how to double or halve things so she is pretty good with fractions.
I did not get a lot of pictures this week. Here are the kids working on a little craft project.

In other news... Kaden is still wearing his "Ho Ho" hat a lot. Ellie got it one day and was trying to put it on, which was really cute all on it's own, and he got upset and took it from her. He has become very opinionated about what he wears too. He doesn't like the new pajama's that he got for Christmas, even though one has Mickey Mouse and the other has Cars. Even his jeans and shirts he wants to choose. I just take him with me when I get his clothes now, much easier.
Ellie took here first steps on Saturday! I took video but didn't get pictures. I am going to try and post that here. Very exciting! She also has two teeth coming in which probably explains her crabbiness this past week!

This week I am listening in to an online women's conference. It is very encouraging and uplifting! You can find info here
They have conferences often. Some are themed for homeschooling, others are just encouraging, all are focused on women. It's a Christian group. I was gifted the ticket so I am making the most of it and trying to listen to as many speakers as I can. If I do miss some or I want to come back later to listen to them again they will have the mp3's available so that is great.
I will be missing them on Wednesday because we are taking Meghan for horse riding lessons, unless something happens. I am waiting until that day to tell her. (ssshhhh) We have a chance of rain so I don't know if they would be cancelled or not. This is a gift for her birthday but I wanted to get started as soon as possible. She is going to be so excited and yes I will be taking lots of pictures!


Shannon said...

Sounds fun!

You need to post more. :o) I love seeing what homeschool kids Faith's age are doing.

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