Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We are back online!

So here is the view from where I sit. Kaden finally fell asleep for his nap, Ellie is on her way there too and Meghan talked Daddy into getting her computer out for her. She is playing on Starfall.com and plans to look at Barbie.com too. I need to sweep the floor and pick up the toys for the umpteenth time but here I sit. The installer came out to point our satellite dish yesterday so we are finally back online! Oh well, I figure the floor and toys will still be there when I am done. Plus I have a lot to do since I haven't really been on for 4 months. For now I have added a bunch of pictures to start catching up. I will add some more tomorrow. :) Enjoy!

Oh here are a couple more I took today. Kaden was not wanting to take pictures. He usually doesn't so that is why I don't have any pictures with all 3 of them yet, until these. This was the best I could get. :) Ellie says "HI".


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