Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kaden turns two!

Here are a few pictures from Kaden's birthday (April 2nd). He loves tools so we decided to get him a tool bench with real working tools. We bought his cake this year from walmart. You have to know how hard that was for me anyways but not having my things unpacked I had no choice. The cake tasted ok but it was not very pretty. Oh well. He liked it and he got to keep the train I bought for the top. He has really gotten into trains too. He calls them "choo choo" haha. He is doing great though. He is such a smart little guy. He talks plenty and understand everything we tell him. A couple days ago he told me what a star was. I have been counting with him for a little bit. It's funny though I will say one and he will either say two on his own or repeat it, then repeat three. He doesn't say one though.


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