Monday, July 26, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

Muffin Tin Mom

Here is our muffin tin meal this week. I didn't really plan this ahead, (I have an issue with that) so when I started putting things together I was surprised to find I DID have a theme. It's monochromatic day! It was actually kind of fun. I asked Meghan if she knew what monochromatic meant and then I explained it to her and had her repeat the word. She wasn't saying it right the first couple times so we tried a few more until she got it. I started doing something else in the kitchen and Kaden pipes up and says "mono-amantic". LOL it was so cute! He thought he was cute too because he kept saying it and smiling, such a smart boy!. :)

So here is our muffin tin lunch!

The top one if Kaden's. He had apple chunks, half a boiled egg, cheese cubes, a white iced animal cracker, sandwhich roll-ups (thanks Shannon!) and plain chips.
Meghan has the same thing only I left her apple in slices, she had more of each things and she had natural cheeto's.

Thanks for looking! Check out MTM for more great lunch ideas!


Sandy said...

I've been working on trying to plan things out better, but the truth is, I am too busy to come up with a good one. So, I just throw it together! lol!Yours look good!

Christy said...

Should I admit that I had to go look up the word to be sure I knew what it meant? lol

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the new word and the tin!

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