Monday, June 6, 2011

Cooking With Kids (Book Review and Giveaway!)

I was recently asked to review a cookbook just for kids and families that love to cook together. Right up my alley, of course I will! The book came and I have been reading it like a well... book. LOL There are so many tips, hints and just great information. So while it's a great cookbook full of yummy looking recipes it also has lots of great information. This is a perfect book for us right now because Meghan has asked me to do a unit study of healthy foods. We will be using it as one of our resources.

The Whole Family Cookbook: Celebrate the Goodness of Locally Grown Foods [Book]
The Whole Family Cookbook.
As a working mom, I can relate to the challenges of feeding a busy family.  The Whole Family Cookbook offers time-saving strategies for shopping and cooking, along with the resources you need to cook healthy, local food in any season.  Our delicious recipes will please discriminating adults and will tickle the taste buds of your children, getting them excited to eat healthy meals – for their bodies and for the benefit of the planet.

We decided to start by making the Apple Puff.

Meghan and Kaden made it with me and they had a blast! My kids all like to help in the kitchen so I was not surprised.

The instructions for the recipes are very easy for kids to understand and they are simple things to make. Meghan can understand the instructions by herself.

                                             Here the kids are taking turns mixing the batter.

(You have cooked in a bathing suit before right?)

Meghan peeled the apples and they both helped to brown them on the stove.

I didn't have an oven safe skillet, well I wasn't sure if it was or not, so we poured the apples into this corningware bowl/pan? and finished the recipe.

I think I let it bake a little too long so it's a little browner than I think it's probably supposed to be. They both loved it though! Both of them asked for more. Kaden didn't eat his apples and Meghan wanted more apples so that worked out. Even Nathan liked it. He got home later from work and there was some left so he tried it when I wasn't in the room. When I came back he asked me what it was and told me it was good. :) Score! The kidlets are excited to make that one again and try some more recipes from the book. I have found that Kaden, my little Mr. Picky Picky will try things that he helps to make and he loves to help.
All in all this is a great book! I love how simple it is to understand. The recipes are things kids will like and try. I am very blessed to have gotten to try it out and share with you all! If you want more information please check out Michelle's website at What's Cooking with Kids.

Now if you'd like to win one.... YAY!
Leave a comment telling me about your favorite thing to make with your kids.
For another entry go to What's Cooking on Facebook and "like" Michelle's page.
Please leave a seperate comment for each entry. I will choose a winner on June 13.
Good Luck!

Even if you don't win, you should check this book out! You won't be sorry!


Kayla said...

My favorite thing to make with my kiddos are pizza's! They love to make a personal one for themselves, and I love to see what in the world they combine! LOL --kevinkaylaarrowood123 at yahoo dot com

Michelle (What's Cooking with Kids) said...

Thanks for this nice post about my book! I am thrilled your family enjoyed the recipe :-) Nice work on improvising the baking dish!

icedteaforme said...

I love to make pretzels and pizza with our kidlet.....he loves rolling out the dough and then assembling the toppings to his artful flare!!

would love a chance to win


Jenn the Greenmom said...

We spent spring break having "cooking class"--learned to make a whole bunch of yummy things and ended up with homemade chicken nuggets for dinner. Would love to win this book--it looks awesome!!
greenmomintheburbs on gmail.

Jenn the Greenmom said...

(also did the Facebook thing!)

Edwena said...

We love to make chocolate chip cookies together.

Womack Bunch said...

This book looks handy. I like to bake Peanut Butter Cookies with little one. They enjoy rolling it into a ball and pressing with a fork. My older kids like to make things from scratch. Like peach cobbler.

Anonymous said...

I would love to win the cookbook!! I admit, I'm not very good about letting the kids help in the kitchen on a regular basis! Our favorite things to "make together" are probably more along the lines of arts and crafts! But, my girls are getting old enough now to do simple things in the kitchen with very little (if any) help from me! That is exciting!! Things like pancakes, grilled cheese, etc.

Emily said...

If I said brownies, would that be too obvious ;) actually Mason loves to help with the stand up mixer so my official answer is cookies ;)

Lisa said...

We love cooking together - but we have such a tiny kitchen that my kiddos have to take turns. One day my daughter is the "sous chef" and the next day my son has his turn. It doesn't matter what I'm making - they want to help make it (and taste test it)! A recent favorite was roasted red pepper hummus.

Lisa said...

I "liked" the What's Cooking page on Facebook too! :)

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