Friday, June 10, 2011

Mission of the Month- June 2011

Mama Jenn

Oh man a month is over already! I am sure from my response you can tell I didn't finish all of my goals. :)
Mission Accomplished

-I did organize my scrap area.

-I did decide on the next school years curriculum. I have some of it already and have to get the rest, hopefully at some used curriculum sales coming up.

-I believe that we have decided on activities and groups for Meghan and maybe something for the little ones too.

Now for what I didn't get done....

Mama Jenn

- I didn't get to do a craft with the kids each week. This I really have to get better at! They love to do crafts and things. I did let them paint, draw and color a lot, so that is something but I want to be putting together an actual craft. Meghan did get to do one at Girl Scouts, (we just found a home school girl scout troop, finally!)

- I didn't practice any of my cake things. I also have not finished any cakes for the competition. :) That stuff will get done this month either way since the show is this month.

So my goals for June....

I am going to work on that craft thing again! That is all I am going to try to do. We have a very busy month, this month. We are moving, so lots of packing and organizing and the cake show will be at the end of the month too. I am in the live competition, supposed to enter cakes in the regular show and I will be doing a demo and anything else they need. Plus my regular orders and homeschooling the kids. :) Yea... we'll work on the crafts!

I am also going to make a summer bucket list with the kids. I think it will be fun to write out some things we'd like to do and mark them off as we do.

If you want to join in this Mission of the Month check it out here!


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