Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Yep, I missed all of February. We had a lot going on too. I probably won't mention it all.

At the beginning of the month we had my brother and his family come and stay with us. Shortly after that Meghan started having this amazing rash, every day, at random times and places on her body. We started trying to figure it out and finally decided it was the switch in laundry detergent we had made. It was a soap we had used before so it was weird. Since then she has had reactions to a scented lotion we had as well. We will have to be careful with her. Ellie has had reactions to lotions too.

Here are all the kiddo's having a movie night.

A few of them with their hand print hearts craft.

Meghan learned to finger knit and it was all she did for a while. :)

Ellie finally let me start putting pig tails in her hair... sometimes.

Everyone was wanting to take pictures and be silly, see that one behind the chair? Pure silliness!

For Valentine's Day we had a skating party. The kids had a blast!

Well that's the highlight! We started birthday season in this household so I will have more on that soon. :)


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