Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Sad Blogger

That is what I am... I just can't keep it up all the time. I will do well for a bit and then I get busy and something has to go.  I am sure you understand... unless you can keep up. Hmm

Anyway, we've been extremely busy. Lots going on and I hope to post some photos and catch up on some things you have missed.

Right now I just want to tell you that I do not like bugs. Ok that wasn't it. My kids are outside playing and they keep finding different kinds of bugs. They then bring them inside, in a sand toy for me to see and tell them what they have found. Then Meghan will ask me to look it up to see what it eats and if it bites. :)

So far they have found a black bug, Aphids, Pill Bugs and a snail. I love the learning but I hope they don't bring me anymore bugs. ;)

Kaden did pick and bring me some purple flowers too. That was sweet.


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