Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Might Be Sappy

Does this song make anyone else weepy?
Just me?
Yep, I am sappy.

Last weekend was a big deal to me. I was able to take the family and visit with my Uncle Richard and his family. My Aunt Josephine is from the Philippines and they live there. My Uncle is there most of the time and my Aunt is sometimes here and sometimes there. Their two son's, Joseph and Jonathan, live here.

My Uncle came to Arizona through the holidays and we have been so busy that we didn't get to see them until the day before he flew home. Which kinda makes me sad. I wish we could have seen him a few times while he was here. We figured out we hadn't actually seen each other since I was about 10 years old. Thankfully through Facebook we had found each other and caught up.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. They invited us for a BBQ and we just hung out and talked. They all have such a great relationship and are totally funny, it was nice to see. The kids had a blast too. They played with Uncle Ricky a lot of the time and he teased them.

I have always cared for my Aunt and Uncle but during this visit I was filled with this overwhelming love for them both. My Uncle is back in the Philippines now and said that he may not ever be back here. This could have been the last time I will ever see him, on earth. With all of the things going on in the world today I do not doubt that is true.

I am just thankful for a great day with them all. I love you guys and will be keeping you in my prayers!


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