Saturday, April 12, 2008

American Idol

I haven't been able to keep up well here but I plan to catch up this weekend. :) This is important though i think. We watch American Idol. We love to watch the singing. Of course we let the Tivo record for us and we watch it when we can, usually after it's over that night. Anyways, they have been surprising us, both the contestants and the show. The contestants have been choosing songs about God, Dolly Parton song a song about God and during this week the entire cast sang "Shout to the Lord", twice! During the Idol Gives Back show where they are asking for donations for charity they sang it to close the show and then the next day for the results show they sang it to open the show. I am just so excited about that! it is ok to talk about God on TV once in a while. Here is the show opener version if you missed it.


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