Monday, September 22, 2008

Back from Camp!

Meghan and I are back from our weekend at Willow Springs Girl Scout camp. Meghan and the other two girls had a great time!

We left on Friday. Nathan dropped us off at the park for the homeschool groups park day, then we had a picnic lunch there. We left from there to head to Prescott. We got to Prescott way early which we knew we would. We had to give the kids dinner before going to camp anyways. So we had dinner in downtown Prescott where I had an awesome Latte, yum. :) Then we went to the Courtyard there and the kids played in the fountain and ran around some. After that we went to the grocery store to get the stuff to make smores and snacks.

After that we went to camp. We unloaded all our stuff and picked our cabin and beds. They had bunk beds, so the moms slept on the bottom and each girl had a top bunk. We went to the lodge to check in and the girls picked up rocks they thought were pretty along the way. After that we had time to just be outside a bit and the girls thought they were tracking animals by the footprints. Really there were so many people walking around there, if there were animal prints they were long covered up.

A little later the girls went back into the lodge to do some crafts, have a snack and dance. They decorated water bottle holders, played people bingo and did a word search page.

Soon after we all went and got to bed. We went to bed about 8:30 each night. The girls were tired and only talked a tiny bit for about 10 mins before they fell asleep.
Saturday morning our first activity was the flag ceremony. Meghan took a picture of that. They have to be silent through the entire thing and they did a really good job.

Then the girls had sports on their schedule. They played kickball for the first time. At first Meghan wasn't sure what to do but she sure tried hard. She would be the only one running and chasing the ball down, then not know who to throw it to. Once they came in I told her how to play and after that she did better. I think she had a great time with it though.

After sports they had a hike to go on, then they did a relay where they learned how to roll and unroll and sleeping bag. They also learned to tie knots with rope and different ways they could tie and use a bandanna. They earned a patch for those activities.

After lunch the girls had more craft type things. They learned about habitats and made their own and they made a bird bath also. These activities also earned them a patch.

That evening before dinner the girls all did swaps with each other. We had helped the girls make little ones that looked like Popsicles. They swapped with all the other girls and got lots of little trinkets to look at. They liked that. After dinner each troop put on a little skit. Our girls worked with another troop on theirs. The other troop is high school girls that we have worked with before. They are really sweet and helpful. The skit was a lot of fun to watch and the girls were so proud of themselves when they were done.

Thats all I have for now. Hopefully the other moms got some good pictures too and I can share more later. As for camp, Meghan had a blast, mom is tired. :) Today we are catching up on rest and laundry.. fun fun. :)


Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

Awww, I miss going to GS camp... soon I hope! Looks like a GREAT time! get some rest now!

Julia said...

looks like she had tons of fun!

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