Friday, September 5, 2008

Our week in review...

It seems like we were busy but then not terribly. This is the first week of really getting back into the school routine as far as outings and things go. Sometimes it is hard to fit actual schoolwork in when your running all the time. So much for not being socialized huh.

On Tuesday Meghan started a new music class. The man that teaches the class owns the business I believe. He charges for teaching instument lessons but then he does these little music classes for free. I wasn't sure what all she would be learning but thought it would be a good way to introduce more music before deciding on say piano lessons or something. So we went for the first time. They learned a song and sang all together and then he gave them a page with music notes on it. At the top they colored each note, there were 5, a different color. Then they went down through the page looking at each note and finding it at the top. They colored each one and wrote what note it was. I was really surprised they were learning that, I think that is great! Meghan is excited to go back next week.

Today we had our Brownie meeting. The girls seem to have a lot of fun. Someone comes to watch the boys too, since each of the leaders has a younger boy. After Brownies today all the leaders and their kids went to Desert Ridge mall. There is a splash pad there. So the kids played in the water and we had lunch. Then we discussed events coming up in Girl Scouts and what we need to do before we got to encampment. Encampment is in two weeks and we just found out the girls are suppose to bring 100 swaps items to trade with other girls there. So we are going to have a little slumber party with the girls and get those made. It should be a lot of fun.


Stephenson said...

Happy back to a school schedule week!

Okay, what is up with the Christmas countdown? We went into Sam's the other day and saw the Christmas decorations up. Ouch! Fall is not really officially here. Especially in the desert where it is still hitting 107 in September...hee.hee.

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