Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Daddy's Home!

Nate decided the day before Thanksgiving to come home. We thought it would be a nice surprise so we didn't tell the kids. He left around 8:30 am on Wednesday morning and got home at 2 am on Thursday. When he got up later that morning the kids were so surprised. Meghan seemed shocked and thought she should have known he was coming. Kaden kept giggling, he was so happy. I think he missed his Daddy a lot! He would walk up and put his hand on my arm and then the other hand on Nate's arm and just smile. So cute. Ellie just stared at him for a while and then laughed when he played with her.

Later that day we went to Josh and Teresa's for lunch. We had a nice meal and then came home so everyone could nap, (except Meghan of course). We had a nice relaxed day. Nathan suggested we make our own Thanksgiving dinner also since he is home and we like to cook it and have our own. So that evening we went into town and shopped for a few things we needed to make dinner the next day. On Friday we cooked and made dinner. It was sooo good! We are still eating leftovers although I think they are about gone, we'll be done with them tomorrow.

We have had a nice long weekend! As for updates... Ellie is still cutting the two bottom teeth and now has a top one coming in also. I see a white bud to the left of one of the bottom ones but it's not popping through yet. She is taking good naps and for the last 3 or 4 nights she is sleeping all night except waking around 1 for a bottle! I am so excited!! It has taken her the longest of all the kids to sleep all night. I am sure it is because she hasn't had her own room. We rearranged some things and now she is in the bedroom by herself and sleeping all night. She is getting all over, walking along furniture, sometimes letting go and eating wonderfully!
Kaden has been having issues using the bathroom. He is holding it which is never good. We have been working on getting him to eat and drink more and started giving him some medicine to help yesterday. We are also trying to get him to drink rice milk instead of regular milk. He hadn't been really drinking either but that is ok also. We want him to just drink more of whatever it is. He has had a few days of eating a little more though which is good. Meghan had the week off from school and enjoyed that. She has been helping out a lot and likes to read to the little ones. She is looking forward to helping make some candies for a craft fair we are going to this weekend. I have been making gift items to sell and plan to make some candy type items to package as gifts and sell too. I thought it would be something fun to do and a bonus if we sell some things.

Not a lot of pictures to share right now but here is a couple of Ellie. She fell asleep like this. :)


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