Thursday, February 11, 2010

Homeschool Week in review

I am a little behind getting this posted. We have been pretty busy this weekend and with the new week. Sorry!

Last week went very well though. Meghan started her new Horizon's math book and is doing really well with it. She is still practicing her addition, subtraction and multiplication facts online with vaious games also. She does very well with her multiplication, 0-2's 5's and 10's.
Meghan wanted to practice some oragami one day. I found these little books of different oragami pictures at Michael's in October when we were on vacation. They were on clearance for .25 too! She has really enjoyed them so I hope to find more sometime.

Here's her snowman. She says he is getting all wishy washy.. Well he's fallen over now.Just his behind is left.

Everything else was pretty much the same as last week. We didn't have any new, big or exciting happenings. Meghan was actually very disappointed as her 2nd riding lesson was cancelled. Sassy the horse she rides, had an absess in her hoof and has to sit out a couple weeks. Meghan will be able to go again on the 17th.

Meghan did finish the book she was reading. She was reading A Jigsaw Jones Mystery; The Case of the Secret Valentine. In the book there is a code used on one of the valentines. Meghan decided she wanted to use the code to write a valentine message to her penpal. So that was fun and cute. I really like when they decide to do some learning activities and don't even know it!
Until next time...


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