Sunday, February 14, 2010

Homeschool Weekly in review 2/8-2-12

Meghan had a good week. We didn't do a whole lot of extra things this week other than some Valentine's activities. She is still doing great in Horizons Math and started working more on the 3's multiplication tables. She finished her valentine's and we got those sent out. She actually made a valentine for me and one for her Daddy too. Very sweet! She also made me this cute picture!
The chapter book she is reading now is Disney Fairies: The Trouble With Tink. Here she is working on her spelling.

We read chapter 7 in Farmer Boy as well. Kaden likes to listen in to this also. She had vocabulary, math (liquid measurement) and she narrated the story back to me. She learned a little History in how they took baths back then and how much work it was to heat the water, made harder at this time in the story since it was winter in 40 below 0 temps. We talked about expanding and contracting again in water/ice (Science).

We actually got more done than I remembered now that I have it all down. One of the reasons I like documenting our days.


Shannon said...

You did a lot more than we did. Started the week strong, then yeah, broken limbs kind of do that.

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