Sunday, February 21, 2010

Homeschool Week in review 2/15-2/19

Meghan did great this week. We were out a couple days as I mentioned previously and when we are out it takes a looong time. We live 30 minutes from town and if we go to a bigger town, which we did, it takes even longer. We usually just decide to get a bunch of things done at once. So she was able to either get her work done early or double it up on the days we were home.
She did great on her spelling as usual. Math is going great too. She has been getting a page a day done in her Horizons book. Then she also has a book that reviews math facts and a book to review telling time. She only has to do one page a day but sometimes she just wants to keep going. It's an easy book and it's review so I don't mind. We read through our chapter in Farmer Boy. She learned about how they spent their Sundays back then. She is keeping up with her chapter a day reading as well. She wanted a book about ocean life when we were at the education store last so I got that for her and she has been reading that as well. I plan to do a study with her on that while she is interested. She is doing one to two pages in her Handwriting Without Tears book. She will be done with this book soon. The next book begins Cursive. I am not sure is I will have her go right into that one yet, we'll see. We got a placemat that is a wipeoff board with Cursive writing on it and she wanted to practice with that this week. She actually did really well with it. She came up to me and asked about how to connect the "o" in a word at one point but the rest she did on her own by looking at the mat.
She also had her 2nd riding lesson this week. She was very excited. I didn't go to this one but her teacher said she was doing great. She said that usually they need to be led around a bit longer but Meghan was ready to ride on her own after a few times being led around. So she spent most of the time riding on her own in a circular pen and gaining confidence with the horse. She was very proud and can't wait for next week.
Not many pics this week but here she is working on her computer on

It seems that we are probably going to be moving back to AZ in March. I think Meghan will be very excited. She misses her cousins and her grandparents and her friends. She'll be upset about the riding lessons maybe but (shh) I found some in AZ too. I have to contact the lady and make sure she can do it but I have her information and will work on that this week. We're also going to plan a birthday party for Meghan and Ellie. Meghan is 8 years old today! and Ellie will be 1 on March 10th. We are going to go to a little thing here with my sister in law and brother and their girls. Their daughter Matty will be 1 on March 6th so we want to do something with them before we leave. But once we are in AZ we'll have a big thing with all our friends and family. I'm excited although it's going to be a rush to get everything done. Now I have to ask Meghan what kind of party she would like to have. I have some sugestions. ;)


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