Monday, August 1, 2011

Live Cake Challenge

Here are pictures from the live cake challenge that me and two of my friends teamed up for. We placed 2nd, out of 3 teams. We learned later that the judging wasn't completely fair, which we kind of assumed anyways. The winning team were employees of the head judge and the other two judges were a couple and also own a local cake business together. Lesson learned! Either way we had a great time and were so proud we were able to create this cake. It was over six and a half feet tall, luckily we didn't have to pick it up!

The theme for the event was Arizona's Centennial.

Here I am with the cake. Don't look too close. I was so tired! We spent 16 hours over 2 days working on the cake and this was of course when it was over. ;)

Our theme was the 5 C's of Arizona.  Cattle, Climate, Cotton, Citrus and Copper
It's hard to see and I don't have a close up of that one but on top is the copper. It's a pile of copper with a little spinning pick ax coming out of the top. Our original plan was to have the Arizona Centennial Logo Spin but when we put it up it was too heavy to spin and kept falling to one side. Because it was so high it was hard to get up there and find a way to fix it and we ran out of time. So the little pick ax was spinning. haha

The cattle and cactus tiers.

The citrus, cotton (gin) and sun (climate).

To see more pictures you can look on my friends Shutterfly page. She has a picture of our whole team with the cake there. :)

Here are the pictures I have for the first place winner.

And the pictures of the 3rd place cake.


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