Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monster Mash!

Kaden has been doing this super cute Kindergarten Kit from HomeschoolShare called Monster Mash. If you have not checked out HomeschoolShare yet you really should. It is my favorite website for our unit studies. These are created by homeschooling mom's and shared for free on this site. Ami, the woman who started it all, is a wonderful, Jesus loving woman who home schools her two boys and still finds time to come up with new, fun things to do with her kids and then of course share on the site. :)

Kaden loved this kit right away! I showed it to him on the computer before printing it out. He wanted to scroll through all the monsters, telling me their colors and just looking at them. So he was an easy sell on this one. :)

This is a page to cut following the lines. He wanted to trace it first.

Then he cut it. He seems to be more comfortable cutting with his right hand. I recently read, (because National Left Handers Day just passed) that lefties often use the other hand for various things while a right handed person usually always uses their right. :)

This is a game where you draw your own monster and everyone played. :)

Kaden really liked the activity where he sorted the b's and the d's. He enjoys many of the activities and likes to do them repeatedly. There is a list of books for read alouds too. My kids like "The Monster at the End of This Book". He isn't really writing a lot yet so we did skip a part where he needed to write names for the monsters. I think most of this can be used for preschool or kindergarten age and just adapted as you need to. Over all a very fun little packet!

These Kindergarten Kits will be added to the website very soon. I am excited to see the rest of them. I think Kaden is really going to like them.


Kylie said...

oh those monsters are so cute

Bonnie said...

Are you on HSS? The new sets, including this one, is now posted. :)

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