Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School

Tomorrow, Monday the 6th, is our official back to school day. We have already been doing some things but we'll add in the rest. I like to give little gifts and do some fun things the first day back. I am excited about this school year and hopefully that feeling keeps on going through out the year. :)

Last week my business was slow so I used my free time to prepare for this week. I found the books from our shelves that fit our theme, printed out the unit study and any other pices we needed and I found crafts and recipes to add to the fun. (Meghan has been keeping up with her personal reading and she started her Math program, she tested out at 4.5 level, which is about where she is with reading too.)

This year we are going to continue with our Unit Studies, I just like teaching that way. It's a gentle way to teach and really keeps it fun and interesting. Meghan chooses a lot of the subjects we study. She will also be getting a journal to write in daily and she will have reading and math with the computer program. She loves to use the computer and loves doing those subjects on there. I don't think we will have any resistance with math this year. She has a list of extra's she would like to do also. At the top of her list is singing lessons so I am searching for someone that can help with that. She would also like any and all of the following; horse riding, ballet, volleyball. haha We also found a homeschool Girl Scout troop late in the summer and she has started attending the meetings and our church has a youth program for her age on Tuesday nights that she is going to as well. She loves being busy and hates to miss anything. She will often ask me the night before if we have anywhere to go the next day. I need to add activities to her personal calendar.

Kaden and Ellie will follow along with some of the subjects Meghan does. Kaden will do some normal preschool-ish activities and they will both have lots of play time. Kaden knows how to count some, lots of letters and sounds and all his colors and shapes and I didn't even do anything! Ellie pointed out three colors and knows her upper case R, she is constantly finding them on everything! Again, I did nothing. So I am not too worried about them at all. ;)

This week we are starting out with an apple themed unit, The Giving Tree. The little ones will do what they can too and they will focus on the A sound too. I have crafts, recipes, books and more for us. It's going to be a good and busy week!


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