Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday- Homeschool Resources

I am joining in with Many Little Blessings for her Top Ten Tuesday. Why? Because I can and I am random and weird. ;) I love doing these and don't organize them really well so I forget more than not. I should make a list or something. You can check it out and see what others top ten lists are about too. You can even join in if you have a blog.

I thought I would share my top ten homeschool resources and/or sites. These are the places I read all the time. I use the resources they offer and I enjoy them a lot.

In no particular order....

#1. Homeschool Share- This is by far my favorite site. All the unit studies and extra are free, created by other homeschool moms. They are updated as they get new units and it is run by a Christian family that I have gotten to know over the years. Looooove it!

#2. Amanda Bennett Unit Studies- Another great source for unit studies. They are inexpensive, and even then they do lots of deals and sales making them even less expensive. Depending on the unit they are able to cover a week up to a month or longer. I have found that they are so inclusive that you really can stretch them out even longer if there is a subject you really just want to stick with. I have many of these units. Again this one is owned by a Christian woman.

#3. 1+1+1=1- Carisa is a wonderful Christian woman as well. I believe it started as a blog but as she has grown she added a site with more ideas and printables. I used lots of her printables for my little ones. She has awesome ideas on how to organize as well as fun themes for learning. I am going to be making her calendar notebooks for the kids soon.

#4. Preschool Alphabet - This is a blog I found recently. I have been looking for more for the younger two and she has some great alphabet pages and themes.

#5. Google - This is a given right? I search Google for everything! We look for all kinds if information to supplement whatever we are working on.

#6. You Tube - Another no brainer. If we ever want to see anything done or look up how something is done this is where we look. Did I tell you about Meghan wanting to know how taxidermy is done? Well she looked up video's about it. (yuck right?) There are also documentaries on all kinds of things. She has watched history and science video's there.

#7. Pinterest - This one is fairly new right? There are pins on all kinds of subjects including homeschooling. Many of my homeschool friends have homeschool boards there. We can save anything and everything homeschool. You can search and find just about anything you may or may not need. You can get lost in Pinterest. It's awesome!

#8. Khanacademy - I have not had a whole lot of time to look through this one yet but I have been told a lot about it and as Meghan is getting older I believe we will use it more. There are tons of videos on math, science and history and even some test prep if you need that.

#9. AAAspell.com - I have found several spelling list sites actually. These are great. There really is no need to buy a spelling curriculum at all. You can find lists for the grade your kid is in, or you can find where they fit best and just go. There are also lots of site for spelling games and practice.

#10. Facebook - Yes I am going to put Facebook on here. I have so many homeschool groups on there, both local and not. I can plan a field trip, get a recommendation for a history lesson and learn about new homeschool sites all in the same spot. I love that! I also find lots on homeschool blogs and my favorites are the ones that have a Facebook page as well. I can like the page on Facebook and keep up that way rather than using a reader or having all the updated posts go to my email.

I hope you enjoyed my top ten homeschool resources. I always appreciate seeing what others use and love. It really helped when I was first getting started and even now, I always find something I love.


Jackie said...

Can I add one to your list? :)

We love the spelling and vocabulary games at VocabularySpellingCity. They even have worksheets for handwriting, and it is all free. They do offer a Premimum Membership that I am considering since it's so cheap.

1+1+1=1 is a fave of mine too, as is Google!


Bonnie said...

Thanks Jackie! I will check it out!

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