Monday, April 2, 2012

A Quick Note

On Friday we had a field trip to Estrella Wars. It's the Renaissance era, kind of like the Renaissance festival but more historically accurate, they say. Anyway, it was 91 that day and so hot! We only went to a few vendor tents after our tour and then we had to leave. One of the last ones we looked at had all sorts of precious stones and metals. Kaden loves rocks! When we were leaving the lady gave each of the kids a small rock. I guess you can call it a rock. It was smooth and clear looking, they were green, blue, yellow or clear. They looked like decorative marbles you can buy only not round, more oblong. On Saturday Kaden found his and put it in his mouth. I am guessing because it is smooth, and then he accidentally swallowed it. Thankfully he didn't choke. He came to tell us about it a while after he did it. Now we are hoping and praying he doesn't have any issues though. He threw up twice last night which seems to be a fluke but it caused a little concern. We postponed his birthday party just to make sure he isn't spreading a germ around.

He's had a good day though. He slept in and has been relaxing today.


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