Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello Out There (First Day of School)

Is anyone out there?   Bueller??

I know I haven't been blogging regularly. That should change now that we are getting back to a regular schedule. We didn't take the summer off from school but we just did Math and lots of Reading. I almost feel like we were off.

I have a new schedule now, lots of activities and trips planned, new curriculum and another child added to the "school age" mix. Kaden is in Kindergarten this year and Meghan is in 5th grade, (wow). Ellie must do everything they do so she asks for school work all the time. She will work on preschool.

Today was our first official day of the new school year so I decided this year to take them to breakfast. Here are some pictures. We went to Paradise Bakery because the little local place I was going to take them was closed. I have no idea why because it was their business hours. Oh well. We shared egg croissants and bagels. Then the kids had a cookie. Their cookies are the best. :)

I will have more pictures of our "Not Back to School Day" later.

Here are a few from last week.

Stay tuned! I promise to blog more soon!


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