Monday, September 3, 2012

Some School Stuff

I have a few pictures from our first couple weeks of school to share. We did have some light days and some days Meghan couldn't do anything as she caught a cold or something. She seems to be mostly better now except a little left over conjestion. We should have lots going on this week.

Fifth grader


Craft time.

Thought I would share our "school area". This is just where we are doing calendar time and a place to have everything organized and ready to use.

Puzzle time
Kaden and Ellie using window markers.

Meghan making friendship bracelets during her online American Girl Club.

Ellie having some straberries. :)

Kaden the police officer wanted in on a picture too.



w said...

great week! love the window marker idea! and school in a swim suit? genius.

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