Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Week Back

We are back to school this week. I filled out Meghan's week of assignments and showed it to her and how it worked. On Monday it took her a long time to do her work. She didn't get everything done that day and was upset. I explained we had a break and sometimes it takes a bit to get back into the groove. On Tuesday she caught up and got some of Wednesday's work done too. So she is very happy today. I think the schedule for her is going to make things a lot easier!

Kaden has been doing what he feels like doing. I don't push him to complete certain things. I ask him and usually he wants to do it but sometimes he doesn't. He's learning to read and so he has practiced reading to me this week, done some workbook pages, done puzzles and played lots. :) Ellie is just following along. She has done lots of and playing. They helped me make pizza last night too.

It's a good week and we are all happy to be back to school!


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