Thursday, March 20, 2008

Busy, Busy

I am trying to keep up here but I guess I missed a few days.
Our friend Nathanael came out to visit. He brought his girl friend, Emily, also. They live in New Hamphshire. Meghan loves Nathanael! Anyways, Emily is really sweet. We got to go shopping one evening and hang out a little. Burg took her to Sedona and to the Grand Canyon while they were here. He proposed to her in Sedona... everybody now.. awwwwww. So now they are engaged! They talked a little about plans to maybe get married in the spring and they are talking about moving out here. I really hope they do.
We went with them to the Renaissance Festival on Sat. That was fun and we got to see John and Barb, and John Jr. and Tisha. I hadn't see John since he got back from Iraq and we hadn't see the others in a long time either, so it was nice.


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