Sunday, March 2, 2008


On Saturday (March 1st) I took Meghan on a field trip. We went with Tina and her daughter Miqa. Both girls are independent Daisy Girl Scouts this year. So we get the girls together to do a lot of their scouting activities. Tina also brought her son and her nephew for this one. We went to downtown Phoenix where they had a festival called Worldfest. Each child received a "passport" to go and see 8 countries. They went to each booth representing that country to get a stamp in their passports. They also had little activities and crafts for them to do. In Ireland they made a mask and learned about Carnivale, in France they could choose to draw a picture of something French or they could kick a soccer ball into the net and in Japan they were allowed to try on Kimono's and they had their names written for them in Japanese. These were just a few of the activites they did. We also had lunch and listened to music while there. They earned their violet petal (Be a Sister to every Girl Scout) for this activity. Here are a few pictures. :)


sarahsmommy said...

Speaking of Girl Scouts, I sent in another reference for you the other day. I said nice things! The pics are beautiful. Where are the pictures of Megans birthday party?

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