Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Easter day activity

The kids got their Easter baskets this morning. Meghan was so excited and somehow Kaden knew there was one for him too, he crawled right over to it. Meghan kind of got a big gift today because I found a great deal on a Barbie townhouse and just had to get it. They had a lot of fun playing with their new toys. After that I sent Meghan to get dressed and Nate hid the eggs in the back yard. We let Kaden get a couple and Meghan searched out the rest. After Kaden's morning nap we decided to go out to eat today. Nate had wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse for our anniversary and we didn't get to go, so we went today. It was very good and it also put us closer to the hospital. My Grandma has been in the hospital so we wanted to go and see her. We were there all afternoon/evening. We took my dad and Seth to eat something and then we came home to put the kids to bed. Kaden was so tired because he had to skip his second nap. I am pooped but happy. We are blessed to have such full days and be able to do so much with our kids. Blessed because Grandma seems to be getting better too. Happy Easter!


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