Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy Days

First I am going to share a few pictures of Ellie. She is always smiling and playing now.

Here are a few with all three. They have Nutella all over their faces. We did a study from our Five in a Row Curriculum on Madeline. So they learned that they eat Nutella there. I plan to blog more about that later. I haven't usually talked a whole lot about what they are learning but I plan to start. We will finish that unit up today and then I will post more.

We have had a busy week/weekend out here. Last week my brother Matt and his family moved into a house. They are buying a 4 bedroom house a couple hours away. We will miss them being close but I know they are going to love having all that room. They also have some land there and plan to have some animals and a garden and they have a fenced yard for the kids. I know I miss having a fenced yard! So we were busy last week helping them pack the truck up, (they moved on Thursday), and then also going to look for appliances for us.
Also on Thursday my brother Josh and my sil Teresa had their little boy! He is a cutie! His name is Joseph Ray and he looks just like his daddy,(Joshua Ray). I am going to share a couple pictures of them. :)


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