Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mental Health Day

Well a couple of days actually. Nate decided we should go to Tulsa and hang out and have some fun for my Mother's Day gift. I told him he is just confirming suspicion that I am spoiled. HAHA He says I am not spoiled but he likes to try and spoil me. (awww) I tried to talk him out of it, saying it wasn't the most responsible thing we could be doing right now when we have other things to spend our money and time on but he wasn't listening. So we drove up and stayed. I got to go to Hobby Lobby and get my Secret Sister (or is it Scrapper?) her gift. I also found an awesome Christian bookstore/learning store. They have everything you need to teach your kids. I was in there for an hour at least before I made myself leave. I think I could be almost as addicted to teaching supplies as I am to scrap booking. I was able to look through a lot of curriculum too that I had heard about and not seen. It was nice and I think for next year I will have a few things to add to our schooling. :) I love teaching our kids!

We were able to go out to dinner last night and Ellie actually slept through most of it and wasn't screaming for the rest. So yay for that one. This morning I went to get my hair cut. (at the mall, long time since I have been in a mall) I am not sure I love it. It's really hard to get someone you like to cut your hair so I hate having to find someone new. Especially it seems for curly hair. Some people know how to cut it and others... well they just don't. I like the length but it seems a little blunt. Either way my hair grows really fast so I am sure it'll be fine. I'll enjoy messing with it a little more with it being shorter. You can tell I really need my highlights redone now though.

Other than that we are just hanging out. Nate went a got a few clothing items he needed. He really needed them too. He hardly ever will buy clothes for himself. He made breakfast this morning too. YUM He has actually been making breakfast just about every day since we had Ellie. I can only think of two days that he didn't make breakfast and we had bagels. He also shaved this week, finally. He's been on a 2 month strike I think. He wanted to let it grow just to see how long it could get and how it would feel. He got tired of it though and I am happy about that! Not a hairy man fan. LOL

Oh and he took me to get a new phone too. My old phone would no longer hold a charge. So I had to have it plugged in to the charger while using it. So I got a blackberry (a pretty red one)and I am now added onto his calling plan so we share minutes. So far I like it and it can do more than my other one. This is the first time I have had what they call a "smart" phone. One of the reasons I wanted it was for the GPS. When we start getting more involved with field trips and things out here that will come in handy.

Well I guess that's all for now. Tomorrow it will be back to reality for us. I guess he might spoil me a little bit once in a while huh. I don't mind. ;)


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