Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back to school...

Well we decided to go ahead and start school this week. I was going to wait an extra week because we are still getting organized in our house but Meghan was excited to start 2nd grade. I told her about waiting and she really didn't want to. One of the things I like about homeschooling is that the kids get excited about things. I like to let her choose what she wants to learn about and to me this was another one of those things. She was excited so I didn't want to discourage that. So we have started a few things while I organize the rest. She is learning about fireflies right now with a free unit study we received in an email. That is fun since they are out right now and she has spent quite a few evenings trying to catch them. We are also doing lots of reading of course and will play some math games. She is also going to make an all about me book. It will just have some information about her at the start of 2nd grade, like her height and some favorite foods for example. She will have fun with that.
Kaden is going to bew doing a few things with us when he wants to also. Yesterday he colored a picture with a fish. He is going to learn about the letter F and the number one and review the circle, star, and the color blue. He will have puzzles to play with and listen to the reading too. When he feels like it. he is only 2 after all!

I am excited about the back to school sales that I am sure are coming. I know there are some things on sale at Staples this week but they are things we don't need. I am waiting for all the art supplies and card stock to go on sale. The Target $ spot usually gets a lot of back to school and teaching supplies too. I hope to go there and find a new foam clock to use. Look out for those sales, you can really stock up when things are .1 - $1 each! And if you find any great deals please post and let me know about them! :)


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