Thursday, July 30, 2009

School activities

Yesterday my niece came over and listened in on Meghan's snow experiment. We used the snow cone maker to make "snow" and waited for it to melt. She needed to see if the amount of water was the same as the amount of snow.
I also made some extra snow and Meghan helped me make homemade syrup. I found the recipe for the syrup on my favorite blog, Skip To My Lou. Here they are having their snow cones.

Yesterday one of my brother's cows had her calf too so we went out to look at it for a bit and went for a walk. Here is a picture although it is a little dark.

Today Meghan worked on her home EC. class. (Future Christian Homemakers) She made french toast and scrambled eggs for her and Kaden. She had a blast! She loves to cook.

Here is Meghan telling Ellie a story.


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