Thursday, September 24, 2009

Picture update!

I have a bunch of pictures to upload! Again I try to keep up but sometimes with our oh so reliable internet the pictures won't load. I really can't wait to have cable again! Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures I have been waiting to share. :)

Here are the last pictures from our garden. We had one pumpkin plant take off and do well (out of about 20 that came up). Here are the three pumpkins it made and some of the end of the season tomatoes.

Here is a picture of Muffin Tin Monday. We of course didn't get to show it on Monday but here it is anyways. The kids liked it. I am not sure it really made Kaden eat more or not but he enjoyed it. The theme was apples but I added more. There is applesauce, apples, peanut butter, crackers, pepperoni, cheese, turkey and graham crackers.

Here is the creek behind our house. We have had mostly rainy days for September and the creek has been running. So Meghan and I went out to get a few pictures. If you can't tell there is a drop there to get down to it.

Nathan found this spider on our light pole and started looking it up. It is a Garden spider. It has been in this spot for a couple of months. He has been teaching Meghan about the spider and Kaden goes out with them to watch it. They will feed it crickets and watch it bite them and wrap it up. After the one had been on the pole for a while a second one came also. By reading about it and the size of them they learned the second spider was the male and the first was the female. Soon after the male came there was an egg sack made. (I forgot to get a picture of that) The male has moved off the pole and made a new web in the grass and then they have switched webs a couple times. So here are a couple pictures of that. How is that for living science?? :)


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