Thursday, June 10, 2010

Homeschool Village Blog Fair

This weeks theme... how do you (mom) take a break and get refreshed for the upcoming homeschool year?

Since we homeschool year round we take breaks as we need them. I usually try to take some time to myself every so often. I like to have a day to plan for the next year and it's nice if that is away from the house so no one will interrupt. :) I also have my business stuff. I have networking events and meetings I go to. This is still kind of work but it's a different kind of atmosphere so it feels like a break... sometimes. Church is a break for me once a week as well. I get to listen to a great message and that is all I have to think about. When I really want a break I will talk my husband into taking care of the kids a couple hours so I can scrapbook. :)


Lauren said...

I, too, love adult-only events... They feel like a real break, even if we do talk about kids most of the time!

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