Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Family Pastimes

Okay so I missed the Homeschool Blog Hop this past week. :) Shhhhh

But I decided to go with it anyways. It's a fun one.

Our family pastimes... well let's see. I like to sleep... oh wait.. things we do together right?

I would say our favorite thing is when we get to go to the beach in Coronado. We LOVE to be there, and go as often as we can. I am having withdrawls right now!

The kids love (and I do too) going on field trips or visits to interesting places. We like when Daddy is able to come along. They love playdates and getting together with other homeschool families as well.

We like trips to the library, walks, science experiments and cooking together. My kids love to cook! They also really like arts and crafts. Oh and computer games... computers are big in this family since that is what Dad does for work too.

When we stay home we like to play outside. I love to watch the kids playing and take pictures. Nate and I will sit out with them and talk, nice. We also like to watch movies together sometimes.


Kylie said...

Love the sleeping bit and heck if you co-sleep that's doing things together hehehe

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