Saturday, June 5, 2010

Homeschool Village Blog Fair

I am joining in on another Homeschool Blog Fair. These are my favorite kind I think, since the blog is mostly about the kids and our homeschooling. :)
The theme this week is share what you are doing for the month of June.
June is going to be kind of a light school month. We homeschool year round but I won't be adding too much new stuff right now. Meghan will keep up with Math, Grammar and Reading. Kaden will keep practicing letter sounds and numbers, playing with puzzles and just playing. We will have read aloud time of course and I will be planning what I want to do for the next month (year maybe?). I am going to be adjusting to working part time and still keeping up with planning and everything. For June I think I will still be a little slow so I plan to use any extra time for planning.
I would like to add in a few experiments I have been saving and of course some field trip and pool days. I think we will have a nice June!
Here are three homeschool bloggers I would love for you to check out!
His Mercy Is New
Our Busy Homeschool
Pumpkin Patch


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