Saturday, June 12, 2010

Improve Your Health

I just found this cool site, Food Renegade. There is just so much information here. They talk about the difference between good fat and bad. They explain how helpful it is to use coconut oil and all the benefits. I was reading through it last night and most of it isn't anything I haven't heard before but it's been a while. I think that we have gotten lax in our eating habits because we have been unsettled for a while. I keep saying to myself I will be better when I am settled in my own place again but I think I need to try harder now. Right . Now!
We taken to eating some processed things again that we had cut out. I need to stop getting it. I have stopped using the coconut oil as much and I think it is important to do that. So I am going to try and be better. Not going to beat myself up over it but do the best I can with what I have to work with. :)

Here are some specific links on Food Renegade to check out.
2 video's busting the cholesterol myth.
How to lose weight fast with coconut oil
Dangers of Soy

Look around though because there is a lot of good information.

(A great source for coconut oil and another place with LOTS of info....  Tropical Traditions )


flyabuv said...

OMG, I just found the Food Renegade site a few days ago and love it. You should check out the book Nourishing Traditions. This is Shannon, your cousin Brad's wife; Renee told me about your blog. I have one too (trying to update it more often).

Bonnie said...

Hi Shannon! I actually have the book Nourishing Traditions! LOL Thanks for checking out my blog! I am trying to keep up with mine better too... hehe I will look for yours!

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